Thursday, July 28, 2011


I'm such a bad blogger - sorry! I have gotten just so very frustrated with my lack of weight loss. I don't want to update the numbers on the side of my blog here, but safe to say, I'm at my highest weight in 4 years. And I'm hosting a weekend-long party at my house in a couple days, so that number will undoubtedly edge higher. This month was tough with a lot of time visiting relatives out of state, which threw off my workouts and of course the food was not-so-healthy.

August is the month of weight loss, right? Ahem.

Still working out - doing Zumba or other dance classes several times a week. Did a great pilates class today and will go to another at that studio next week. Trying to use my weights at home twice a week as well. I need to figure out good leg-muscle-building exercises, too. I plan to join my local 24 Hour Fitness early next month and then spend a lot of time there. ;) Diet is going to get strict again after this weekend.

Hope all of you out in blog-land are doing well. Say hi some time. ;)

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