Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Food regret

I was tired and lazy on Sunday, and next to the grocery store is a take-out Chinese food place. So we stopped in and got a plate of food to go (and shared it) - brown rice, sesame chicken for him and black pepper chicken for me. The black pepper chicken looked sauteed, which is why I chose it. Well, we get home and it's fried. UGH! Big white meat pieces, but fried. I didn't add any soy or anything, but the cup of brown rice and cup of fried chicken caused a lovely 1.6 pound gain overnight. UGH again. And of course, it will take me awhile to lose that back. Glargh.

I should've been stronger and just made something to eat when we got home. Or not eaten it once I saw that it was fried. But I just am not that strong. And it didn't taste good either. I hate that food regret - it's not worth the calories or fat or sodium or whatever when it just doesn't taste good. UGH.

Tomorrow night is a food thing, and then the weekend at a friend's house for a long birthday party celebration. Food dangers lurking everywhere. What do you do to help prepare for such a no-win situation? I'm thinking I'll bring some of my trust English muffins, but I need protein that doesn't need to be refrigerated. Suggestions?

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