Friday, February 12, 2016

trends and reality

Oy, so the Super Bowl & birthday party combination did me in on Sunday -- gained 2 1/2 pounds, and five days later, I've only lost half of it.  Frustrating!

However, looking at the trends does help keep things in perspective.  Here's the handy graph from the Hacker Diet's site looking at my weight since January 1 this year:

I love this site. ;)  The little tick marks on the left are for each pound, the white dots are the actual weight that day, and the red line is the trend.  You can see how losing weight pulls the trend line down - and for the most part this year, I've been doing that!  But then you see the jump at the end of the graph with the Super Bowl nonsense and too many treats at an event I attended on Tuesday night. However, as dramatic as the weight gain was, it didn't really ruin the trend.  It just put a stop to it for a couple of days, and now we're slowly pulling that line down again.

I must admit my frustration at the timing however.  My birthday is one week away, and if I had kept up that one-pound-a-week weight loss, I would've hit a big goal on my big day.  Now I'm two pounds away.  Ugh.

Watching shows like "Biggest Loser" make it seem like only losing two pounds in a week is a failure, but for real life, it's not like that.  Weight loss is a continuous struggle, and a two pound weight loss in a week is a thing to celebrate!  I've managed to injure my shoulder/tricep with too much dancing (oops!), so I'm also trying to take a step back from that and add in more rest time than I did last month.  Still aiming for those 20 workouts a month though!

And one last bit of perspective for me: my weight today, even with that Super Bowl bounce, is still lower than it's been in over 4 1/2 years.  PROGRESS!

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