Friday, February 26, 2016

Happy Scale!

OK, so I'm not happy with my scale at the moment - I'm up a few pounds from the birthday weekend of indulgence, but I trust it will come back down soon.

However, I discovered a new-to-me app for my phone that I'm happy about: Happy Scale.  It's nicely designed (I believe a redesign came out recently, so their web site doesn't have the prettier screen shots) and I love the functionality.

In particular, it allows you to focus on smaller milestones and the overall trends.  From where I started a year ago, I want to lose 100 pounds - and this app nicely breaks it up into 10 milestones for me (I could choose more or less milestones, too) and then helps me see how much until I hit the next milestone.  Lovely motivation!

I also love the focus on trends.  Yep, I've gained 1.2 in the past 7 days when you look at the trend (and not the 5 1/2 pounds if you look at the raw numbers) -- and honestly, I'm still 38.5 pounds down for the past year, so yeah me.  Doesn't look like I'm going to hit 4 pounds for February, but that's another story... ;)

And yes, the free version has a simple banner ad at the bottom that I didn't even notice until I took this screenshot ;)
Here's the report chart for the past 90 days for me -- I LOVE that it has an option to export this chart without the weight values listed!  Y'all don't need to know the exact weights ;)

Again, the focus is on the trend here - the dots are the individual weights for the days, but the smoother blue line is the overall trend.  Creatively, the green area is showing the difference from that date and 30 days prior (which would be red if that trend is higher than it was 30 days ago).

Overall, I love this app.  I think there are some more advanced features that you can unlock if you upgrade to the deluxe version (and it eliminates the ads), but for now, this is working well for me.  Kudos to you, Mr. Happy Scale developer! ;)

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