Monday, January 19, 2009

Goals progress and more

First, the goals update:

- 10,000 steps a day again.
- 20,000 minutes of exercise throughout the year.

Steps pace: 180,000
Steps taken: 281,100
(over 100,000 - or 10 days - ahead of pace!!)

Minutes pace: 990
Minutes exercised: 1485
(about 150% of pace!)

and my weight? Well, yeah. I'm so frustrated, I am doing all this exercise and it's not paying off yet with the scale. I really want to see things fall into place but they're not yet and I don't get it. I'm still out of work (and no job nibbles lately), and I'm frustrated that I can't seem to accomplish the weight loss with nothing standing in my way. I'm enjoying the pilates classes at the gym, and just trying to keep hope that the weight will drop eventually.

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