Saturday, December 31, 2016

Goals - December report

December is done! Let's review the goals:
  1. Lose an average of one pound a week - fail - up 1.1 pounds during the month.  Ugh.  It was worse in the middle of the month, but what can I say?  It's the holiday season and I failed to lose weight.  At least I only gained 1.1 pounds?  Unfortunately, it's 6.3 pounds up from my lowest in July.  
  2. Work out at least 20 times a month - absolutely smashed!  31 workouts!  Several days with 3 workouts even (which is when the weight trend pulled down).  Good month for moving my body!
  3. Cook one new (and healthy!) recipe a month - met.  Even took a cooking class this month!  Yippee!
  4. Make an effort to eat clean and healthy the majority of the time - fail, due to the holidays and way too many treats at too many social events.  At least the damage wasn't too horrible.
Let's just post this and then take a look at the year as a whole.  Glad I got so much exercise in this month, but wish it had reflected better on the scale.

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