Thursday, July 5, 2012

Snack bar reviews

One of my biggest challenges with being a new mom is trying to eat at weird hours - and to do so quickly.  So for my 3am-6am "oh my gosh I am starving" window, I have been going for nutrition bars.  I can unwrap and eat 'em one-handed, and this has been a lifesaver in those wee hours.  So I'm going to start reviewing the various bars here...

The biggest criteria for me in choosing a bar is the overall nutrition.  I tend to go with something no more than 200 calories and no less than 10 grams of protein.  Some fiber is a good bonus.  I'd prefer to have not much fat (especially saturated fat), but the chocolate-coated bars are generally tasty enough for me to feel it's worth it. ;)

All of these bars are items I've bought on my own with no influence from any manufacturer (though I would love to try new flavors, if you're listening, snack bar makers!) ;)

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