Tuesday, July 3, 2012

catching up

So now we start anew.  My weight has been an issue my whole life, and watching the scale go up as I was pregnant was nervewracking.  I had really hoped to not gain too much - and for most of the pregnancy, I was okay - but I put on 20 pounds in that last trimester, for a total of 31.  The first week after giving birth, I dropped a bunch - woo!  But it's stalled since then, and it's been over two months now.  I have no chance to exercise though (some days I don't even get to shower until my husband gets home from work!), so hopefully things will start to settle down a bit.  I used to walk a *lot*, but that went out the window in the last half of the pregnancy due to pelvic separation issues, and I'm still recovering from that now.  I know I need to put a focus on exercising - and also healthy eating - but it is definitely a whole new struggle with a newborn!

I'm also struggling with going dairy-free now - the baby has reflux and the pediatrician told me to cut out the dairy.  Not fun at all, especially since fat-free Greek yogurt and low-fat string cheese were amongst my go-to easy eats.  It's such a difficulty to eat anything when you've got a baby who cries a lot (due to the reflux), and having to eliminate some of the "easy" foods stinks! If you have any dairy-free tips, I'd love to hear them. ;)

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