Thursday, June 3, 2010

Elimination diet, day twenty-eight

Last day! WOOHOO!

For my last day, cow's milk was on the agenda. I eagerly went to my beloved Red Mango for frozen yogurt for lunch. Tart frozen yogurt with mochi, dark chocolate chips and mango. SO TASTY. Oh frozen yogurt, how I have missed you. However, my body... I did have some big time stomach gurgling shortly after eating the froyo. Nothing awful, but definitely uncomfortable. Hrm.

I am still having that weird burning in my esophagus, but let's see what the next day or two brings as I come back to eating "normally". (A friend suggested yogurt to help the heartburn, actually!)

Overall... no huge epiphanies during this elimination diet, but definitely need to keep an eye on the dairy and the wheat and the rice.

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