Sunday, January 17, 2021

Giving Weight Watchers another shot

Back in 2006, my employer hosted a Weight Watchers at Work group, so I joined - and lost a bunch of weight (I don't remember the exact amount through WW).  Once the group ended, I continued using and lost even more weight - total between the two was over 80 pounds.  I started this blog (November 2007) when I was down that 80 pounds and had another 50 to go.  Fast forward to 2021, I've regained a lot of that weight, and yo-yo'd quite a bit in those 14 years.  Currently, I'm about 42 pounds down from my highest weight - which means I still have 80+ pounds to go.  Eegh.  Baby steps, I know...

I came across the Weight Watchers site again this week, having read about their latest updates for 2021 (including re-branding as WW... ooookay!).  I'm giving them a three month try again - and instead of using (I felt they got spammy over the years), I've reactivated my old account to track my diet as well.  I figure that using them both at the same time will help give me a more well-rounded analysis of my diet - and then I can decide if I want to keep paying for WW.

I've chosen the WW+ Purple plan as my plan, as it allows for the most zero point foods.  It's interesting to see how the WW program has evolved since 2006 - now there's more of an emphasis on counting sugar grams, not just fat.  As someone who gained a ton of weight while inhaling Snackwells cookies back in the '90s, I can assure you, it's not just about low-fat eating. ;)  I'll be curious to see how things go, and keeping track in two apps might be a bit of a pain, but it's good to see things side by side and hopefully figure out things for the long term.  Wish me luck! ;)

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