Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Goals - July report

July is done! Let's review the goals:
  1. Lose three pounds each month.
    Fail: up one pound.  Again this month, I didn't weigh myself every single day because I knew it wouldn't be pretty.  And again, my goal for the coming month is to stop gaining weight.  Sheesh.  
  2. Work out at least 20 days a month.
    Smashed: 28 days with workouts - including 5 days with back-to-back workouts (Les Mills BodyPump then U-JAM Fitness - strength then cardio!).  I know I need to work on my strength conditioning, and doing a cardio class right afterwards seems to help with the lovely delayed onset muscle soreness that used to 
  3. Hit my 10,000 steps a day average over the month.
    Smashed!  Average 11.7k steps a day - and only two days of not much going on (actually, one day was spent mostly in a pool so that didn't help the steps!).  Nice to be doing well with this goal at least! ;)
  4. Through the first seven months of the year, I've got 2,354,824 steps!  That's over 11k steps a day average!  Yippee!

  5. Cook one new (and healthy!) recipe a month.
    Met: More zucchini, more new recipes ;)
  6. Make gratitude a priority.
    Met: I do this every night, but I need to take more time throughout the day for this too.
So, August is going to be yet another challenge, honestly.  I feel like I say that every month. ;)  A couple of special occasions in there, plus a 4 day U-JAM Fitness conference (which means lots of dancing - but also likely a lot of eating!).  However, kiddo will also start kindergarten later this month (omg time flies!), and that will allow me to have more time to myself and time to get into a consistent daytime gym routine as well I hope.  August simple goal: stop gaining weight!  :D

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