Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Still going!

Sorry for the radio silence the past few weeks - can you believe there's only one week left in March?  Time is flying.  Things are still going well over here.  I'm still working out 4-6 times a week, and I'm still (slowly) losing weight.  I need to be careful to not overdo with the cardio exercise - I feel my age is catching up with me and I end up sore afterwards some days. ;)

I am struggling with menu planning lately.  I just haven't had a ton of motivation to cook, and I am often going to the gym around dinner time.  This means I either end up cooking something delicious and running out the door while husband and kiddo eat (and having cold leftovers when I get home), or husband has to make something simple for dinner (and I still have cold leftovers when I get home).    So things are a bit blah on that front, but hopefully I can get some motivation on this soon!  Would love to hear any of your favorite recipes! :)

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