Monday, January 11, 2016

U-Jam Fitness

How have I never posted about this?  U-Jam Fitness is my cardio exercise of choice.  I stumbled upon it in the summer of 2011 and got hooked.  It's a dance workout - "world beats with urban flair" - and one major reason I am addicted to this over Zumba is that the choreography is consistent, regardless of instructor.  If the song is Jennifer Lopez's "Papi", the routine will be the same no matter who is teaching the class.  As a kid, I took lots of dance lessons so I truly appreciate being able to learn and master the choreography for each song.

I had to stop working out about a third of the way into my pregnancy, and it took a long time to recover afterwards... but thankfully, last spring U-Jam came out with a home DVD workout (which I helped back via their kickstarter-style fundraising project).  I love this DVD, and it got me back into the motions.  I rejoined 24 Hour Fitness a few months ago because they have a TON of U-Jam classes, and have been attending a bunch of them. ;)  I've had a streak going of 12 days in a row of attending a U-Jam class at the gym, but alas that streak is coming to an end today because husband has to work late. ;)  Doh!

As with any group exercise class, some instructors are better than others (and I definitely have my favorites!) - but U-Jam consistently is a great workout, especially once you learn the choreography! :)

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