Friday, September 25, 2015

double dance!

Hooray!  Though I did gain three pounds while I was out of town last weekend, I have lost that weight already!  YAY!  Back to that new low (by 0.1 pounds, but hey...) ;)

My other big excitement was yesterday, I made it to two dance fitness classes in one day!  I haven't done that in about four years.  Awesome :)  Today, I'm happily sore in my upper body - and I still made it to another class tonight.  I look forward to another class tomorrow.

I'm really trying to prioritze working out these days. It's tough, with a preschooler and a husband. ;)  I do get to drop off my son at preschool usually one morning a week and have two hours to myself, so I made it to the gym on my drop-off day last week and hope to do so again next week.  Unfortunately, my son still refuses to stay at the kids' club at the gym, so I can only work out when husband can watch our son.  That also usually involves me making dinner ahead of time, which isn't fun, but hey, weight loss isn't fun. ;)

If any of you are on, please let me know - I'd love to have more friends on there to help motivate!

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