Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Well... crap.

My step total for the month is 359400 - 115.94% of the 10k-a-day-pace!

My highest month before this one was 67.77% of pace, so you can probably guess why I've gained weight this year.

So you'd think this month I'd lose some, right? Well, you'd be wrong. 4.6 pounds up for the month. FEH! I am so completely and utterly frustrated by this. I'm 19 pounds higher than I was a year ago today - and even then, I was so frustrated by the plateau I'd been on for months. Well, no plateau these days - the scale just keeps inching up. Ugh.

Trying to not give up hope though. As always, if I can average just a little over 2.0 pounds lost each week, I could hit my goal by my birthday. I feel like I've been saying some variation of this for the past two years, so I'm feeling like a broken record. Gotta break this trend!

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