Thursday, February 18, 2010

Godiva Chocolate Cupcakes

Today is my birthday. Anyone who knows me knows that I love cake. Despite this blog being mostly about weight loss, I am a huge fan of cake. ;)

My family lives 2000 miles away, so my stepmom so generously ordered cupcakes for me from Godiva!

She sent the "Limited Edition Chocolate Cupcakes" pictured here. From Godiva's web site:
"These sublime little cakes conceal an irresistible surprise inside – a luscious center of Godiva chocolate ganache. Our rich, moist, chocolate cupcakes are offered by the half dozen, all iced in pink vanilla buttercream especially for Valentine’s Day, or three each in chocolate and vanilla buttercream for a romantic weekend’s worth of indulgent nibbling."

For the six cupcakes, Godiva charges $28. Ouch, but c'mon, they're adorable. However, they also require overnight shipping ($23) - "This product requires the overnight delivery method to ensure freshness." So, over $50 for 6 cupcakes. But if they're tasty and fresh, perhaps worth it?

Well... they arrived today, and they're completely frozen. The card inside the box says "For best thawing results, place the Godiva Cupcakes in the refrigerator overnight." Are you kidding me? They spent over $50 on cupcakes, and they're frozen and I can't even enjoy one on my birthday today?!

*Nothing* on the Godiva web site indicates that they're shipping a frozen product. I called Godiva to express my disappointment, and the gentleman tells me "they're fresh-frozen", as though that's going to make a difference here. I am certain no one would spend $50 to send frozen cupcakes to a loved one.

The box was wrapped with a card that has the pretty picture on the front and the ingredients & nutritional info on the back (I'll post the nutritional info at the bottom here like my regular food posts). It also includes a lot number (34891), which I would give anything to be able to translate into an actual production date. Many companies start with the day of the year in their lot codes, and "348" would translate to December 14 - over two months ago.

Extremely disappointed by Godiva here. Disclose that you're shipping a frozen product baked who knows when and don't force the customer to pay a $15 overnight shipping surcharge for a product that won't even arrive fresh-baked.

Nutrition Facts (per cupcake)
Calories 430
Total Fat 23g (35% daily value)
Saturated Fat 11g (55% daily value)
Cholesterol 70mg (23% daily value)
Sodium 150mg (6% daily value)
Total Carbohydrates 52g (17% daily value)
Dietary Fiber 2g (8% daily value)
Sugars 43g
Protein 3g


Unknown said...

Well they certainly can't ship them unfrozen or the buttercream on top would be destroyed and you've had a giant mess in a box for 50 dollars. Most places that send out baked goods are sent just like's only to ensure that you get a presentable product.

Unknown said...

Woah. Switched my contractions there. "you'd have" not "you've had"...haha.

Unknown said...

I probably look like a spaz so sorry to randomly leave you so many comments, lol.

I actually worked at a Godiva location a long time ago and another employee told me something similar about the lot number. I couldn't remember the specifics before (if it was exactly what you presumed it to be) and can't find the details online, either. So I asked their customer service and they insisted that "these are tracking numbers that we use when sending out our products to different locations through different channels - ie, godiva stores, retailers, wholesalers, godiva direct "

The first response I had in regards to my question was "the LOT and SKU numbers that you see on the packaging are used for quality control and inventory tracking purposes". Which, speaking of quality control, they need to cycle products out after they've had them for so long. So of course it would make sense if the date were else are they going to know when the product was made? Then again they could be telling the truth. Who knows. But them baking each batch upon order and then getting them out to you in a timely fashion isn't really feasible either in terms of production or time.

Anywho, my cupcake box says 32591- and I have the plain vanilla/chocolate (no pink ones). Haven't eaten any yet because of all the easter candy around my house so no comment yet on how good they are.

But for future reference, I find it best if you leave it out at room temperature, not just in the fridge. Baked goods don't take long to thaw but better safe than sorry and just let it sit for a couple hours if anything. It DEFINITELY tastes better. Ganache turns quite solid at cold temperatures so if it doesn't properly thaw (and come to ROOM TEMPERATURE- this is IMPORTANT!) it won't be creamy and delicious, by any means! Their fault for lousy thawing instructions though, for sure!