Sunday, March 30, 2008

weight roller coaster

Ah, my weight is not my friend these days - I have been stuck in a five pound range for the past three months (and probably an eight pound range for two months before that!). Feh. I need to get more strict about my eating and hopefully that will kick things into gear. I've been walking more, and think I did something smart today - instead of going for one really long walk, I did two shorter walks (around the mall (4000 steps) and later to Costco (4000 again)) and then went for my typical walk (8000 steps). No foot or ankle or knee pain yet, so maybe I should keep that plan going for the time being. Hopefully I can get some walks in during the workday going forward as well, and do that typical 8000 step loop several nights after work.

Tonight's delicious dessert: I topped a chocolate Vitatop with strawberries that I sliced and tossed with balsamic vinegar. SO YUM!

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