Tuesday, November 27, 2007


So how have I lost the weight so far? I lost about 5 pounds before Thanksgiving last year, and then we started a Weight Watchers at Work group. The same day I started WW, I joined SparkPeople.com.

SparkPeople.com: Get a Free Online Diet

(I don't get any money for linking to them, but thought I'd post a link anyway.)

Weight Watchers has online tools but they charge extra for them... and SparkPeople is free. So I started entering everything I ate into SP's web site to track my calories. I also keep an eye on my fat, protein and fiber, but calories are the biggest thing for me.

I didn't continue with WW because it just didn't enthuse me (the meetings weren't my style), but I've kept on using SparkPeople every single day. Some days, it really sucks (the whole month of December, for example!), but using it every day does help keep me accountable - and educated.

I also enter in my exercise, but I don't do enough of the exercise these days with the cold miserable weather. Hopefully I'll get better about that!

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